Sticker 2-Pack

Grab our first ever sticker two-pack! Includes ‘Kool Johnny’ & ‘Octo Skull’ designs (one of each).

High quality vinyl stickers suitable for outdoor use. Oh Yeahh!

$5.00   $8.00 

‘Kool Johnny’: 4″ x 3.5″
‘Octo Skull’: 3.5″ x 4″

Sticker 6-Pack!

Get the whole collection and SAVE 25% Original, hand-drawn, digitally coloured artwork. High quality vinyl stickers suitable for indoor or outdoor use! Free shipping on all sticker orders!

$18.00  $24.00

Kool Johnny Sticker

$4.00/ea  $5.00/ea

Skulltooth Sticker

$4.00/ea  $5.00/ea

Burglar Sticker

$4.00/ea  $5.00/ea

Virtual Pet Sticker

$4.00/ea  $5.00/ea

Octo Skull Sticker

$4.00/ea  $5.00/ea

Evil Helper Sticker

$4.00/ea  $5.00/ea

About Me

Original art by Andrew Newby. Pop culture, collage, inks, digital art. Ottawa Artist ✌️ 🇨🇦