My submission for #Adobe368 ‘One Week At 368’ with @caseyneistat and @368

My name is Andrew Newby, I am a graphic designer and artist from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ??, and 368 needs me on their branding team! As a co-founder and the creative lead at @waterbridge.creative, I work closely with other creatives every day, including videographers/editors, photographers, and of course, other graphic designers!

I have over 9 years experience designing clean and modern brand systems for all types of clients, big or small. My design process covers everything from research, through to execution and revision, and finally, through the production of promotional materials for print, web, and social media!

Hit me up @368 and lets make this thing soar!

PS – And dont worry @adobecreativecloud… already subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube channel on all my accounts!